Our Mission!

Mar. 10, 2013

HUGS for HEROES, SUMC,is a locally based group that reaches out to active duty military, veterans, fire fighters, police, emts, all(past and present) and their families. HUGS has assisted several local veterans with rent, groceries, counceling, Christmas and many other financial needs over the past years. HUGS was there when the flooding occurres in Salem, NY (Hurricane Irene) to make gallons of soup to serve the fire fighters of several communities as they came to assist the flood victims.

Our group has assisted a local firefighter family during the loss of their son. We have providedmonies to procure a headstone for the father of an active duty Coast Guard when there was little or no family or financial assistence available to bury his father.

HUGS helped to get a disabled Iraqi vet to get his vehicle fixed with new tires and an inspection so that he could feel like he was once again able to provide for his family. We sent representatives to the Homecoming Initiative at Christ the King in Greenwich in 2011, and hope to attend again yearly.

We speak at local clubs, schools, scout meetings, churches and events across the country in an effort to bring awareness to what a true American Hero is and how much one person can do to help and say thank you to those Heroes.

Our only monies come from donationsfrom the public, along with two fund raisers held each year. In June, we sponsor along with the Salem United Methodist Church, a Blessing of the Bikes at which we provide outreach, a free meal, a nice ride through the country side for those who attend on Motorcycles and a Beautiful and inspriational sermon by Rev. Debbie Earthrowl and fellowship. Helmets are passed during the service for a good will donation.

Our biggest fund raiser and mainstay of our funding is the October event: GO JUMP IN THE LAKE held in Cambridge, NY at Lake Lauderdale.

All too often we ask ourselves, "what can I do to help?" Well, here is your opportunity... call or write now to pledge your financial assistence. Come Join us as we honor our Heroes, "take the plunge" in their honor and thank these brave men and women and their families for their themendous sacrifice. We encourage everyone to attend both events and come to be blessed and be a blessing.


    Salem United Methodist Church

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    HUGS for HEROES, S.U.M.C. is a small group within the church.